The Wild Adventure Girls "GHOSTBUSTERS" Episode GIVEAWAY!

Good Luck! =)
Good Luck! =)

Enter Our "Ghostbusters" Giveaway

Halloween is near and we are so excited about the release of our NEW "Ghostbusters" episode, that we are hosting a MASSIVE Giveaway!!  There will be 10 lucky winners, only 1 will be the winner of the ultimate prize!  We will also be giving away some awesome Mystery Packs!  Winning is easy, please follow the Official Rules below. 


1.  Step one is to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 

2.  After that, you will just need to share our "Ghostbusters Giveaway" video that is located on YouTube. 

3. Once you "like" and "share" our video, just leave a comment letting us know you have done so, and Wala, you are entered to win!


“Wait…that’s it?”  After those steps, you will be eligible to be one of 9 lucky winners!  BUT…to win the ULTIMATE prize, you will need to take it a few steps further…



We will be releasing our “Ghostbusters” video October 18th!  We cannot wait to show it to you!  To win the Ultimate prize, you will then need to:



     4.       Watch our Ghostbusters video and then, comment…


     5.       Like


     6.       And share it. (Please let us know that you have done ALL the steps 1-6)



Once you have completed all of the steps, our awesome Team will verify it.  Once you have been verified, you will be entered to win all of the amazing Prizes and Mystery Packs!



We look forward to hearing from you!



Now…”Let’s Kick Some Ghosts!”