"On this Channel we just want to have FUN!"



It's Adventure Time!  Time for an Awesome Adventure!

It's Adventure Time!  Time for an Awesome Adventure!


Are you ready to have Fun, Laugh, go on an Adventure and maybe even scream with The Wild Adventure Girls  in their new kids show.  The Wild Adventure Girls will take you along for a ride, literally, in their awesome new episode!

Cute Animals - Meet our Donkey Family!

 Join The Wild Adventure Girls as they introduce you to their adorable Donkey Family!  You will learn some of their favorite foods and get a pet a cute fluffy baby donkey, that is getting to taste a carrot for the first time!


Get ready to say "cute" and join The Wild Adventure Girls as they introduce to you their adorable Donkey Family!


Meet the animals on the farm with The Wild Adventure Girls!  Angelina, Scarlett and Annabella will take you along the farm and you will get to pet the pigs, feed the goats, hug the farm dogs and meet many more cute animals on the farm.

Join The Wild Adventure Girls and meet The Animals on The Farm!

TOY SURPRISE - Birthday Week!

 It's Birthday Week with The Wild Adventure Girls! Join along and watch The Wild Adenture Girls as they go shopping on a Birthday Adventure for Bell's 5th birthday! They take you into a super fun Toy Store and look for the perfect gift to give Bella for her 5th birthday! Toys are everywhere!

But...Shh, it's a secret. Bella doesn't know what they are shopping for and will find out what TOYS Angelina and Scarlett picked out for her on her birthday!

MERMAID HAIR - Tutorial!

Let's all become beautiful Mermaids!

This mermaid hair tutorial is easy and fun to do. This Mermaid hairstyle is super cute an can be worn everyday. It's also a great project to do at birthday parties or with your kids who just want to look like beautiful mermaids! Once you create this super cute mermaid hairstyle, share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

DISNEY'S 'FROZEN' - Bellas 5th Birthday Party (feat. ELSA)!!

Disney Frozen Birthday Party - Elsa Surprise - Bella's 5th Birthday Party! 

We love Disney Frozen with Elsa and we decided to surprise Bella from The Wild Adventure Girls with the REAL Elsa at her 5th birthday party!

Join along as we have a blast at Bella's 5th birthday with the real Queen Elsa!