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Are you ready to laugh, learn and maybe even scream? Well, so are The Wild Adventure Girls!


Angelina, Annabella and Scarlett are delving into the realm of adventure and fun with their new kids video series on YouTube. With a natural thirst for adventure and an incredible sense of curiosity, The Wild Adventure Girls will take you along for the ride as they unearth (literally) the secrets hidden beneath our feet and in the world around us. Their funny, entertaining, and informative kids video document their own unique adventures while also inspiring us all to explore our own worlds and have fun doing it.


The Wild Adventure Girls also prove that three is better than one, with each one of these funny kids bringing their own personality along for the ride on every crazy escapade they take on. Fearless, curious, and eager to learn more The Wild Adventure Girls are a new generation of explorers!


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From running into unexpected bugs and creatures, to learning some really cool things about science, kids science experiments, The Wild Adventure Girls are excited to start this fun and entertaining journey and would love for you to join them!


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