Catherine Swans ~ The Founder

[Creative Director, Writer, Entrepreneur, Bringer of Snacks]


Catherine was born with the desire to create. She believes that if you want something in life, you need to go out and make it happen. Blessed with two hilarious daughters and one hilarious niece, who all share in the deep love for Animals, Science, and Adventure, Catherine created, The Wild Adventure Girls.  “The Goal is to make learning fun and exciting.  We want to inspire kids to get out there and go after their dreams, and to make their life an amazing adventure!”

Presenting The Stars of...

Angelina, Scarlett & Annabella!

[Creators, Animal Lovers, Entertainers, Supergirls in Disguise!]

Angelina, Scarlett and Annabella were each born with star power and an excitement for life. They love going on adventures and discovering new and fascinating things about the world.

These girls prove that 'three is better than one', with each one of them bringing their own personality along for the ride on every adventure they take on. Fearless, curious, and eager to learn more, The Wild Adventure Girls are a new generation of explorers! Keep watching, as they will later reveal the Amazing super powers each of them possess.

Now tell us, What have YOU Discovered Lately?

Alexander Philip - Designer

[Creative Genius, Web Designer & Artist, Believer in Punctuation Marks]


Alex is the brilliant creator of the logo and artwork for The Wild Adventure Girls.  “This project involved creating detailed illustrated versions of Angelina, Annabella & Scarlett in a Wild & Adventurous setting, showcasing their 'Adventures', their 'Scientific Explorations & Experiments' and their amazing 'Fun' side that ties it all together!”  Alex brilliantly designed all of the artwork that is displayed on the sides of our website.  He asked each girl to come up with their favorite animal.  Angelina has a deep love for Cheetah’s, Scarlett loves Giraffes and Annabella wanted a baby Elephant. Catherine had a small request as well, which later became the awesome Jaguar that is lurking in the tree.  

Don’t forget to look for the hidden elements in the Forest.  Alex designed the site to every last creative detail!

Nabarun Mondal

[3D Artist, Video Editor & Food Lover (Good Chicken Recipes Especially!]


Nabarun is an experienced 3d generalist and video editor.  "Since I was a child I always loved and watched animation.  I used to sketch the characters on paper and on my walls.  Since then, I had a deep passion to learn to create animation and video effects.  After college, my dream became closer to reality and I learned how to create animation, do video editing and VFX.  Working with the WAG Team is always very good and fun experience for me."  Nabarun has been an awesome addition to our WAG team and knows how to keep kids smiling by adding really fun effects and transitions.  When Nabarun is not editing for WAG, he loves to cook and is a huge fan of chicken recipes!

Mladen Marijanovic

[Motion designer, Video Editor, and  Gourmand]


Mladen is the creative editor behind the Wild Adventure Explore Channel series.
"Kids are my inspiration. I spend a lot of free time with my younger friends,
and now when I can spend some time with kids on my work, it's like a jackpot!"
Mladen has been in the commercial art and design industry for more than 10 years.
He has studied Movie and Television at Academy of Arts in Banja Luka.  Not to mention, he is just plain awesome!

Vimal George

[Visual Effects Supervisor , 3d Animator and Tech Lover]


Vimal is an experienced Professional Visual Effect Artist.  "From childhood on, I always loved watching movies and doing interesting and creative things. I was always attracted to the VFX in the Movies and I tried creating my own versions of that using an old handy Cam and never stopped experimenting new VFX related things.  After my Animation Degree, I also became interested in creating Miniature sets and Practical effects .Working with 'The Wild Adventure Girls' team is always great and wonderful experience. All the VFX shots were interesting and amazing to do. Other than VFX and Film making, I always find time updating

      my knowledge about new technology.

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