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Orb Weaver Spider, Orb Weaver Spider Facts
Orb Weaver Spider

bats for kids,
Bats For Kids
kids science experiment, science for kids, volcano experiment
Kids Sceiene Experiment - Make a Volcano Eruption

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The Wild Adventure Girls! A Fun Kids Show On YouTube!

The Wild Adventure Girls is a brand new kids show on YouTube.  We make entertaining, funny, informative kids video of all of our amazing discoveries and adventures! Get ready to laugh with these funny kids and go on your own Wild Adventure!  Watch us on YouTube.  Want awesome kids video straight to your inbox?  Sign up below.  Enjoy Awesome Kids Science Experiments, Wild Adventures, Amazing Animals, bat video, funny kids videos, animal videos for kids, science experiment, kid adventures and so much more!  Kids YouTube Channel, Subscribe to us on YouTube.  YouTube for kids, YouTube kids shows.


FEB 7, 2018

Sea Turtles
Sea Turtles

SEPT 25, 2015

bats, bat facts, flying fox bat, bats for kids, bat video
Bat Facts

NOV 06, 2018

hammerhead shark facts
Hammerhead Shark

SEPT 27, 2015

kids science experiments, science, volcano eruption, experiment, kids science video
Kids Science Experiment - Make A Volcano Eruption

DEC 31, 2017

shark, sharks, great white shark, adventure
Great White Sharks


FEB 13, 2018

slime, cloud slime, how to make cloud slime
Learn How to Cloud Slime


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The Wild Adventure Girls - Kids Fun Adventures!

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