Orb Weaver Spider - Spider Facts for Kids

Orb Weaver Spider, spider facts
Orb Weaver Spider



Well, The Wild Adventure Girls sure aren't! Hold on tight and share in our fun adventure of discovering about the Orb Weaver Spider!


In our first episode, we take you up close and personal with the creepy, yet fascinating Orb Weaver Spider! If spiders make you scream, you aren’t the only one!  Be sure to check out our episode to see what sends us running up a hill!


Rest assured, we will take you up close and personal to the Orb Weaver Spider without being scene!  These spiders have poor eyesight and rely on the vibrations of their web to catch their pray.  Feeling a little sticky about this?  Not quite sure?  Well stick next to us and we'll show you why there is nothing to fear...unless you're a bug!

Orb Weaver Spider, spider facts, spider facts for kids
Orb Weaver Spider

What is an Orb Weaver Spider? 

The Orb Weaver Spider comes from the family 'Araneidae'. They get their name from the round shape of the web they spin. They re-spin their webs every night in order to catch their prey! Talk about hard work! The Orb Weaver Spider eats flies, crickets and many other types of insects!

Did you know that there are over 2,800 species of the Orb Weaver Spider? These creatures have hairy or spiny legs that help them to climb around their webs with ease. Usually, they have 8 eyes that are similar to each other. You can usually find them building their webs in gardens, fields, forests and even right next to your house!

There are some fun facts you will learn about in today’s episode of the Orb Weaver Spider! The Wild Adventure Girls will take you on a thrilling adventure while you learn about the Orb Weaver’s characteristics as they get an up close and personal with these creepy crawlers.

The Wild Adventure Girls, Orb Weaver Spider
Did you know there are over 2,800 species of the Orb Weaver Spider?

Will Angelina, Annabella & Scarlett survive this scary ordeal? Watch this hair-raising episode below to find out & discover the fascinating world of the Orb Weaver Spider!

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