Wild Adventure Girls Invite You Backstage!
FUN STUFF · 29. June 2022
Are you a super fan of the Wild Adventure Girls? Of course you are! This is your chance to get up close and personal with your favorite YouTube stars. The girls are giving their fans exclusive access to backstage videos, challenges, and pictures that aren't available anywhere else. And for those who want an even closer relationship you can now officially become part of the #WAGSquad and participate in community challenges and win WAGquad COINS which can be used to buy exclusive content.
Easy Super Soft Playdough Recipe! No Cook, 2 Ingredient Playdough!
FUN STUFF · 28. June 2022
Learn how to make playdough with this easy super soft playdough recipe that requires no cooking and just two ingredients. Perfect for course of creative fun!

Fun Horse Facts for Kids: Everything You Need to Know About Horses
ANIMALS · 27. April 2022
Fun Horse Facts for Kids: Everything You Need to Know About Horses Come join The Wild Adventure Girls and learn some fun facts about one of our favorite animals, horses! Did you know that horses are social animals? They live in herds of around 20 to 30 other horses, and they form close bonds with their herd mates. Horses communicate with each other using body language, vocalizations, and scent. They also have their own unique personalities, just like people!
How to Make Edible Slime from Gummy Worms!
SLIME · 02. February 2022
Want to know how to make edible slime from gummy worms? Look no further! Our step-by-step guide will show you how easy it is. Plus, this slime is a great way to get your kids excited about science! Kids love slime and candy and with this kids recipe there is no better way than to mix these two together.

How to Make Slime Fluffy!
SLIME · 16. January 2022
Join The Wild Adventure Girls as they show you how to make slime that is super fluffy and squishy. In fact, this slime recipe will make a slime so big and fluffy, you will be tempted to turn your slime into a super soft fluffy pillow after the hours of fun you will have playing with it. You will learn how to make slime fluffy with this slime recipe!
Science for Kids w/ The Wild Adventure Girls! (This Volcano Eruption Will Blow You Away!)
COOL SCIENCE · 23. March 2021
WANNA MAKE A MASSIVE VOLCANO ERUPTION?!! Get ready and watch The Wild Adventure Girls as they take their trademark sense of fun and adventure to the world of science with their fun “Volcano Eruption Episode!” This volcano eruption will blow you away! You will get to see science in action as you watch our volcano erupt again, again and again!

SLIME · 19. August 2020
Have You Ever Wanted to Make Slime That Looks as Delicious as Watermelon? Today The Wild Adventure Girls is going to show you how to make one of their favorite summertime slime's, Watermelon Slime!
COOL SCIENCE · 13. August 2020
Today The Wild Adventure Girls are going to show you how to make your very own Bubble Snake with this homemade bubble recipe! What is a Bubble Snake? Think of a super fun bubble that looks like a snake, but looks like a bubble.

FUN STUFF · 22. April 2020
Fun Activities for Kids! Make Glitter Stress Balls! Today, The Wild Adventure Girls are going to show you how to make your very own super squishy, “Glitter Stress Balls” with this super fun activity for kids. All you need is just a few easy to find things to get started.
COOL SCIENCE · 11. February 2020
Have You Ever Seen Fireworks in a Jar? Today The Wild Adventure Girls are diving into a world of science and fireworks in order to show you how to make your very own, “Fireworks in a Jar!” This science experiment will blow your mind!

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