African Elephant Facts

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African Bush Elephant


In the Wild with African Elephants!




Join The Wild Adventure Girls as we travel all the way to the grasslands of Africa to learn about one of the largest land mammals in the world…the African Elephant.


Did you know that there are three different species of elephants?  It’s true!  There is the Asian Elephant, which can be found in the tropical forest and grasslands of Southeast Asia.  The African Forest Elephant, which can be found in the forest of Central and Southern African, and the largest of all the elephant species, the African Savanna Elephant.  In fact, African Savanna Elephants are not only the largest of all the elephants…they are the largest land mammal on earth.  This species of elephant can reach heights of 13 feet tall and weigh over 14,000 pounds!  Go ahead as say it, “Youzers!”


African Elephant Facts



In the wild, African Elephants live in groups called “herds.”  Each herd consists of female elephants, their adorable babies and is led by the matriarch, which is the oldest and we like to think wisest of all the female elephants.    



What Do Elephants Eat?



Great question!  Elephants are herbivores and some of their favorite food are grass and plants, fruit, roots, and bark.  In fact, elephants spend up to 18 hours a day eating and can eat up to 300lbs of food a day!


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African Elephant Eating


Did you know that elephants are one of the smartest animal species on earth?  You heard that correctly, Elephants are no real life “Dumbo.”  These animals have one of the largest brains of any land mammal and are known to use tools, identify languages, show empathy, and have excellent memories. 


In the wild, these animals have even developed their own special language called “infrasound,” they use to communicate with other elephants.  By using their feet, elephants have learned to send an extremely low frequency sound which travels through the ground and can be heard by other elephants up to 4 miles away!



There are some amazing facts that you will learn with The Wild Adventure Girls in today’s episode of “In the Wild with African Elephants.”  But our show is about so much more than facts; we seek fun and a wild adventure!




Will Angelina, Annabella & Scarlett get lost in Africa while traveling with a herd of elephants?  Watch this amazing episode below to find out and discover the fascinating world of the elephants!



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