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COOL SCIENCE · 01. January 2018
Have You Ever Tried Making an Ultimate Eruption? Science is awesome and The Wild Adventure Girls will show you how you can have the “ultimate eruption” right in your own house! Before we begin, make sure you get your parents’ permission! We will be using ingredients that could be considered dangerous. Go ahead and get their permission…we’ll wait.
COOL SCIENCE · 25. September 2015
WANNA MAKE A VOLCANO EXPLOSION??!! Get your goggles on and watch The Wild Adventure Girls as they take their trademark sense of fun and adventure to the science world with their fun “Volcano Explosion Episode!” With this episode you will get to see science in action as you watch this volcano erupt again, again and again! The Wild Adventure Girls will take you step by step with giggles and goggles as you get to see how awesome science can really be!