ANIMALS · 04. February 2018
Did you know that Sea Turtles have been swimming the earth's oceans for more that 100 million years? These marines giants can be found in nearly every major ocean and can weight over 2,000 pounds!
ANIMALS · 30. December 2017
DO SHARKS SCARE YOU? Join us as we dive deep down into the hidden underworld of one of the largest predatory creatures in the world…the Great White Shark! Few animals strike more fear in humans, even though attacks on humans are considered rare. Great White Sharks may seem like giant human eating monsters, but are they really? We set out to investigate and discover some amazing facts about (dun, dun, dun) the Great White Shark!
ANIMALS · 25. September 2015
DO BATS SCARE YOU? Join us as we uncover the hidden world of bats in our exciting new bats video "Bats! The Creatures of the Night!" Watch as one of us takes flight just like the bats to show how these night creatures really soar! Bats may seem really creepy, but are they really? We set out to investigate and we were surprised at what the truth about bats really are....Now hold on tight and prepare to turn on your night vision as we learn about, “Bats! The Creatures of the Night!”
ANIMALS · 24. September 2015
ARE YOU AFRAID OF SPIDERS? Well, The Wild Adventure Girls sure aren't! Hold on tight and share in our fun adventure of discovering about the Orb Weaver Spider! In our first episode, we take you up close and personal with the creepy, yet fascinating Orb Weaver Spider! If spiders make you scream, you aren’t the only one! Be sure to check out our episode to see what sends us running up a hill!