Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins

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Bottlenose Dolphin



Join The Wild Adventure Girls as we travel across the ocean to learn about one of the most highly intelligent mammals on earth…the Bottlenose Dolphin!


 Did you know that Bottlenose Dolphins are very social mammals and live in groups called pods?  Each pod can range from as little as three to fifteen dolphins, but a Superpod can have over a thousand dolphins!  These pods are formed to protect the herd from uninvited predators that may be lurking in the water nearby.

Bottlenose Dolphin Facts



Did you know that dolphins are one of the smartest animal species on earth? It’s true!  Dolphins live in complex social groups and have evolved to have highly developed brains.  Dolphins have learned to communicate with other dolphins by making clicking noises and whistling sounds.  Dolphins can even learn how to understand language through whistles, pictures and hand gestures.

bottlenose dolphin, smartest animals on earth
Bottlenose dolphin bringing trainer back a ball.

Did You Know That Dolphins See with Sound?


Dolphins use a process called “echolocation,” which is a sonar technique.  Dolphins will send out high frequency sounds, which will then bounce back to the dolphin as an echo off their surroundings.  This communication allows the dolphin to know the size, shape and even speed of the objects ahead.

Bottlenose dolphin swimming, dolphin under water.
Bottlenose Dolphin Under Water.

What Are Dolphins Favorite Food?


Great question!  Some of a dolphin’s favorite food are fish, shrimp, squid and eels.

What does a Bottlenose Dolphin Look Like?



Bottlenose Dolphins are some of the most commonly known dolphins.  These adorable mammals are known for their short thick beak and their smiley curved mouth and can reach a size of over thirteen feet long.


BUT…these are not the largest dolphin.  The largest dolphin is actually an Orca (also known as the Killer Whale) and one of dolphins greatest predators.  Along with Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks.


Will Angelina, Annabella & Scarlett get lost out at sea on their search for the Bottlenose Dolphin?  Watch this adventurous episode below as we get up close with dolphins!




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