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The Wild Adventure Girls YouTube Channel


With all their fun and educational videos for kids, it's no surprise that The Wild Adventure Girls have become a hit with kids and parents all around the world.  From thrilling wild adventures, to up close animal encounters, the Wild Adventure Girls offer exciting educational videos for kids that kids just can't get enough of.   But it doesn't stop there -- what better way to explore fun exciting new things, than to do it through science?  In their latest science video,  Angelina, Annabella and Scarlett will take you down to the depths of an explosive volcano and show you how to make your very own Volcano Elephant Toothpaste Science Experiment, that is so fun, your kids will be begging to try this at home! Learning with The Wild Adventure Girls is an amazing way to discover cool new things and you can do these science experiments for kids at home!  In addition to teaching science concepts, these videos are always full of adventure and humor for kids who want more than just cartoons all day long!


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The Wild Adventure Girls Explore Channel


The Wild Adventure Girls offer the perfect antidote for kids who might have some “school burnout” or just experiencing the summer boredom blues. The Wild Adventure Girls starring Angelina, Annabella and Scarlett offer educational and fun videos for kids that help to make learning fun! Featured on Youtube, Epic, Roku and Kidoodle.TV - all videos are within reach and Family Safe Certified. As a parent, we know it can be challenging to find a safe and fun avenue for your child to learn and explore, but our interactive website or any of our platforms, are all kid loved and parent approved.


Do you love science?  Well, then you are going to love our Wild Adventure Girls “Explore Channel!”  Bringing science to life is the core of our content. Children learn best when they can actively participate in their learning and laughing along with The Wild Adventure Girls is always a super fun bonus. Our first video is the perfect starting point for your budding scientist with the How to Make a Volcano Eruption this video gives a glowing twist to the classic experiment that elevates their learning and creativity. Another science experiment for kids that is fun and informative is How to Make Unpoppable Bubbles! Your kids will make bubbles that will not pop (well, at least long enough where they can bounce the bubble with their hand a few times), and they will have so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning! These videos are just the beginning, if you want a wide variety of science experiments for kids just explore on this website or follow us on our Wild Adventure Girls platforms!  Wild Adventure Girls TV is coming soon!


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Wild About Science with The Wild Adventure Girls


When you think of educational videos for kids, you might think of those boring videos we all had to sit through in school. With The Wild Adventure Girls, our educational videos for kids come alive! Just like with our science experiments for kids, we involve your child directly in their learning. In our first educational video for kids, we learn about cooking with Make DISNEY FROZEN MILKSHAKES! This video allows them to make their own fun treat while getting comfortable in the kitchen! Learning about the world around us is the key for a balanced education. Our most popular animal educational video for kids is Spiders for Kids, Are You Afraid of Spiders? This video shows how amazing spiders are and allow your child to learn while being entertained. Educational videos for kids can be fun and creative and whether you are using these to supplement their public education or as a homeschooling tool, The Wild Adventure Girls have you covered.



When it’s a stay-at-home day, it can be challenging to come up with fun activities for kids. The Wild Adventure Girls videos are designed to not only be educational, but sometimes they just like to have fun! A fun activity for any child is making slime! As a fun twist the first video Edible Starbucks Slime where the Wild Adventure Girls use actual Starbucks drinks (safe for kids) to make a delicious slime that’s as fun to eat as it is to make! With our next fun kids activity, we are playing the Eat it or Wear it Challenge- Grandma Edition! This is the perfect fun kids activity that if you are brave enough the whole family can get involved!


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Wild Adventure Girls Challenge Videos


Science experiments for kids, educational videos for kids and fun kid’s activities are all easily accessible with the Wild Adventure Girls! These categories are just the beginning of the kid friendly content you are looking for.  Be sure to explore our super fun website and our Wild Adventure Girls platforms and we will see you on our next wild adventure!



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Wild Adventure Girls Bats: The Creatures of the Night!

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