Did Someone Say, "Giveaway?"

      We sure did! In celebration of our latest Sea Turtle Adventure, we are launching a super fun giveaway where there will be 3 winners!  The steps are easy…and not only will you be entered to win some awesome prizes, you will be helping to create awareness for a species that is critically endangered!   

1. Step one is to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 

2. After that,
you will just need to share our "Sea Turtles Giveaway" video that is located on YouTube. 

Once you "like" and "share" our video, just leave a comment letting us know you have done so, and Wala, you are entered to win!




“Wait…that’s it?”  After those steps, you will be eligible to be one of 2 lucky winners!  BUT…to win the ULTIMATE prize, you will need to take it a few steps further…



“Sweet!  What Do We Do?”



After you’ve completed the steps above, you will want to head over to our NEW “Sea Turtle Adventure” video!




4.Get ready for an Epic Adventure! You will need to watch our fun video and stay tuned for an important message from the Sea Turtle Conservancy.




     5. Now that you've watched our video, you will just need to Like and comment down below the message to YOU from our friends at the Sea Turtle Conservancy.




     6. And lastly, share our Sea Turtle Adventure (Please let us know that you have done ALL the steps 1-6)


Once you have completed all of the steps, our awesome Wild Adventure Crew will verify it.  Now that you're verified, you will be entered to win all of the amazing Prizes and Mystery Packs!




Now Get Ready for a super fun Sea Turtle Adventure!

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