Fun Facts About Hammerhead Sharks

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Hammerhead Sharks




Join us as we dive deep into the ocean to explore one of the most strangely shaped predatory sharks in the world…the Hammerhead Shark!  We set out to investigate this hammer shaped creature and discover some fun and interesting facts about (dun, dun, dun) the Hammerhead Shark!



Hammerhead Sharks

Did you know that Hammerhead Sharks have been swimming the earth’s oceans for 20 million years?  That’s right, these hammer shaped creatures can be found all over the world in warm tropical waters with the largest species of Hammerhead Shark reaching 20 feet long.



Hammerhead shark, shark swimming, wild adventure girls, facts about hammerhead sharks
Hammerhead Shark Swimming

Hammerhead Sharks



Hammerhead Sharks are known for their unique shape of their head, which is flattened and elongated and passes the sides of its body. This unique eye placement allows them a 360 degree vertical view, which gives them a unique advantage against approaching predators and prey by allowing them to see what is above and below them simultaneously.

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Hammerhead Shark in water with School of fish

Did you know that there are 9 species of Hammerhead Sharks? 


This is true, the largest and most commonly known species is the Great Hammerhead Shark.  Unlike other sharks, Hammerhead Sharks will swim in schools during the day and then go on the hunt at night.  With the unique shape of their head, they are able to trap and pin its prey to the sea floor.

There are some amazing facts that you will learn with The Wild Adventure Girls in today’s episode of “The Hammerhead Shark.”  But our show is about so much more than facts; we seek fun and a wild adventure!  So be brave and join us as we dive deep down and face the Hammerhead Shark!

Will Angelina, Annabella & Scarlett be mistaken for dinner as they set out to investigate one of the deadliest sharks in the world?  Watch this heart thumping episode below to find out & discover the fascinating world of the Sharks!

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