Lion Facts: The African Lion

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Lion Facts: African Lions





Join us as we travel all the way to Africa to learn about the second largest cat species in the world…the African Lion!  Considered to be King of the Grasslands, we set out to investigate and discover some amazing facts about (dun, dun, dun) the African Lion!



Did you know that African Lions are very social animals and live in large groups called prides?  Each pride usually has three large male lions and twelve female lions with their adorable baby cubs.  In fact, lions are the only cat species that live in these large groups and each member has a different role in protecting their pride.

African Lion Facts



Lions are known to dominate the animal kingdom, which keeps other animals on edge.  Male lions will spend most of their time guarding and protecting their pride from intruders that may be lurking nearby. 

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Male Lion on the lookout.

While female lions will go on the hunt at night and work together as a team to stalk, trap and eventually take down their prey.


What Do African Lions Eat?



Great question!  Some of a lion’s favorite prey are Antelope, Zebra, Wild Hogs, Crocodiles, Buffalo, and even Giraffes. 

Feeling a little nervous about getting so close to this giant cat species?  Hang with us and we’ll show you why African Lions are good for the environment as they keep the herbivore population in check, allowing for a healthy ecosystem.  While it may seem brutal, lions prey on the weakest animal, which keeps the herd population resilient and healthy.

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The Wild Adventure Girls Surrounded by Lions

There are some amazing facts that you will learn with The Wild Adventure Girls in today’s episode of “The African Lion.”  But our show is about so much more than facts; we seek fun and a wild adventure!  So be brave and join us as we travel to Africa to learn about one of the largest predators in Africa…the African Lion!

Lions sleeping, lion, The Wild Adventure Girls, Adventure
Lion Pride Sleeping - The Wild Adventure Girls napping with lions.

Will Angelina, Annabella & Scarlett be mistaken for dinner as they set out to investigate one of the deadliest cat species in the world?  Watch this fascinating episode below as we get up close with lions!


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