Science for Kids - How to Turn Water Into Instant Ice

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Science for Kids - Make Instant Ice

Have you ever wanted to freeze water instantly?


Today The Wild Adventure Girls are going to mix science with ice and show you how to turn your water into ice instantly, with this super fun science experiment for kids! 



What is Instant Ice?  Think of having an awesome super power and being able to turn your water into a stream of ice right before your very eyes.


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The Wild Adventure Girls

Cool!  So, How Do I Make It?


This is where icy fun begins!  Now it's time to mix a bit of science with water freezing epicness.  To make your own “Instant Ice” we will need to combine a few fun ingredients...


 Let's get started with what you need for your own “Instant Ice Experiment”!!


  1. A Bottle of Water.
  2. Food Coloring for Fun (Optional).
  3. A Freezer
  4. Ice.
  5. A Bowl or Container to Pour your Water in.


Now, let's get started!  The first thing we are going to do is take our food coloring and change the color of our water.  We chose the colors of the rainbow, but feel free to go wild and be adventurous and add the fun color of your choice.



Now it's time to make some freezing magic!  We are going to need to take our water bottles and stick them in the freezer.  The trick is to take them out right before they freeze.  Everyone’s freezer is a little different, so this may take a few tries to get the temperature just right.  In the science world, this is called “supercooling,” which is basically “cooling” a liquid below its freezing point, without it crystallizing and turning into ice.


Now that our water bottles are at the perfect temperature, we’re going to create some magic!  We’re going to slowly pour our water over a bowl or tray of ice, and watch our water turn into ice...instantly!


So now that you know how it works, join in on the fun at home and laugh along while The Wild Adventure Girls create Instant Ice awesomeness!

Will Angelina, Scarlett and Annabella become frozen with their new instant ice superpowers?  Tune is to see what happens when The Wild Adventure Girls explore the world of ice and science!

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