Slime Recipe! How to Make a Real Slime Aquarium

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Make a REAL Slime Aquarium!

Have You Ever Wanted a Fish Aquarium Full of Slime?


Today The Wild Adventure Girls is going to show you how to make your very own Slime Aquarium full of sharks and other ocean animals! 



What is a Slime Aquarium?  Think of an aquarium that is full of super clear slime and some of your favorite fish and ocean sea animals.

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Real Slime Aquarium

 Cool!  So, How Do I Make It?


This is where the slimy fun begins!  Now it's time to mix a bit of science with gooey slime making awesomeness.  To make your own Slime Aquarium we will need to a few fun ingredients...

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Making Clear Aquarium Slime

          Let's get started with what you need for your own “Slime Aquarium Recipe.”


  1. Clear Elmer's Glue.
  2. Bottle of Blue Glitter Glue (you can also use one drop of blue food coloring).
  3. Fish Aquarium (We used a small plastic aquarium we found on Amazon)
  4. Contact Lens Solution (this will activate your glue and turn it into gooey slime).
  5. Ocean Animal Toys.
  6. Scuba Diver Toy for Fun.
  7. Large Bowl for Mixing.

Ready to get started?  We thought so!  The first thing we are going to do is take our Clear Elmer's Glue and pour it into our container.  Next, we are going to add a bottle of our super sparkly blue glitter glue and mix the two glues together. 


Now it's time to make some slimy magic!  You'll need to add your contact lens solution and mix until your glue turns into a slime masterpiece.  Once your slime is made, your going to want to let it sit for at least two hours to get some of the air bubbles out of your slime. *Do not forget to cover it and keep the air away from your slime during this time. * 


Once all of the air bubbles are out of your slime, it’s time to decorate your aquarium with your fun ocean creatures and pour in your slime! 


So now that you know how it works, join in on the fun at home as The Wild Adventure Girls create Slime Aquarium greatness!



Will Angelina, Scarlett and Annabella come face to face with a Great White Shark in today's SLIMY episode ?  Tune in to see what happens when The Wild Adventure girls explore the world of science, ocean animals and slime!


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