FUN STUFF · 14. May 2019
Fun Activities for Kids! Make Dinosaur Eggs. Get ready to travel back in time into the prehistoric land of Dinosaurs and learn how to make your very own Dinosaur Egg with this Fun Activities for Kids.
FUN STUFF · 09. September 2018
Super easy squishy soap recipe! Learn how to make Rainbow Gummy Bear Soap. This is one soap recipe that kids will love! Today, The Wild Adventure Girls are going to show you how to turn a Gummy Bear into a super fun colorful jiggly squishy soap!

FUN STUFF · 28. February 2018
Have You Ever Tried Eating a Giant Raindrop? Today, The Wild Adventure Girls are going to mix science with cake...well, sort of.
FUN STUFF · 29. November 2017
Have You Ever Tried Eating a Water Bottle? In this episode, Angelina, Annabella and Scarlett mix science with food! Well, sort of. Today they will show how to make your own Edible Water Bottles you can eat!

FUN STUFF · 07. April 2017
Are You Ready For An Epic Robotic Showdown!?! If you are, you are not the only one! The Wild Adventure Girls are back as they go straight into a Robotic War-zone with HEXBUG'S Battlebots Arena! It's Robot vs Robot and their can only be one winner!